by Jubeisama Thursday, 04-Jan-2007 0:26 AM

Development of the project is underway. We are currently discussing various technologies to implement. We will soon be starting with the database design and web-server back-end. Stay tuned for more information. Also check out the sf project page for more info.



by Jubeisama Monday, 18-Dec-2006 2:09 AM

Welcome to guildsite. Guildsite is an Open source project for a world of warcraft guild website. It will cover the needs of a guild in all aspects. i.e we plan to implement something which follows the principles of portals like eqdkp/phpbb forum with all the extra wow plugins but written from scratch with common authentication with en easy installation etc. Forums, Rosters, Raid Planners, DKP etc. We will also be developing at a later stage a wow interface addon that will help players parse data into their guildsite account and also gm's manage some aspects of the guildsite from within the game. I think the project will be very successful and will be embraced by the community.

world of warcraft burning crusade The project will be oriented towards burning crusade since it's coming out soon so all the professions classes talents etc will be bc standard. We will also be implementing a non-bc mode for the guilds that choose not to buy the upgrade.

I would like to ask ALL people interested in helping to come forward and register on sourceforge for the project. The project's name is "guildsite". It is still in the design phase but we will be starting up very soon. We are looking for help in the following areas:

Register in SF and then for the project and I will approve your registration. We will be meeting on irc as soon as we have established a core team to discuss the project and make decisions on the direction we're taking. We're open to suggestions of any type. Please register and come help make this project something huge for the wow community.

Jubei @ Twilight's Hammer EU